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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

O'Neil & Hauser P.C. has become one of Boston's leading immigration law firms because our attorneys hold fast to several core beliefs, including:

  • Clients deserve to understand what their cases are about in simple, easy-to-understand language. When a client's professional future or family unity is at stake, there is no room for confusing legalese.
  • We should always be available to discuss a client's concerns or questions, and regularly update clients about the status of their cases.
  • We will do everything possible to expedite a case without jeopardizing a client's position.

Using several decades of combined experience, our attorneys work to make our clients' experience with the immigration system efficient, pleasant and, above all, successful.

Experienced Help For Routine And Complex Immigration Matters

Clients throughout New England and across the globe turn to our firm because we offer a truly comprehensive set of immigration-related legal services.

With Boston's status as a global center for medical, technology and other scientific research fields, we have represented many foreign individuals seeking to work and/or study in these industries in the United States. We also regularly counsel employers and work with human resource professionals to resolve complex immigration business transactions, including labor certification issues. Finally, we help foreign nationals and their families come to and stay in the U.S.

Our attorneys and staff can help you with any of the following immigration matters:

While no immigration case is ever truly "routine," we streamline every case as much as possible. By dedicating an attorney and staff to each client, we ensure that cases are handled efficiently while still providing the one-on-one attention that people with pressing immigration needs deserve.

Speak With A Lawyer Now

Whether your loved one faces deportation or you need help applying for a visa or U.S. citizenship, our Massachusetts firm is here to help — no matter where you are in New England. Arrange a consultation by emailing us or call 617-426-8100.

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Client Reviews
Lesley did a wonderful job for us. Her attention to detail and thoroughness paved the way for a successful outcome of our case. We are very pleased with her staff as well and I would definitely recommend her. Ryan Currin
Estoy bien contento con mi abogada. Porque tienen experiencia, responsabilidad y profecionalismo. Y les doy gracias por haverme alludado en mis asuntos legales, se los recomiendo que ellos te alludaran sin ningun problema. Sin dudarlo ve y compruebalo tu mismo. Ya se los e recomendado a mis amigos. Gracias a la abogada Lesley y a todo su personal por haver hecho mis sueños realidad. Luis
I've been with lesly houser since 2001, she managed my immagration status for me and my family and also some friends i recomended to go to her. I definitely recommend her for any immagration case. Daniel