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What are the Hours of Operation?

Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. All lawyers and staff have voice mail and email.

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How can I contact a lawyer from O'Neil & Hauser P.C.?

We have four staff attorneys who are ready to assist you. Please contact us at our main office number at 617-426-8100, and our receptionist will gladly assist you.

You may also contact us via fax: 617-426-2217 or through the following links:

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How Much Will it Cost to Talk to a Lawyer?

There is typically a fee for the initial consultation, which takes about 30 minutes. During this first appointment, the lawyer will evaluate your legal matter. If your case is accepted and you agree to retain our office as your attorney, a charge will be made for office conferences and services after your first visit.

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How Much Will the Legal Services Cost?

Immigration cases usually require an initial retainer payment, and the balance of your fee may be paid in installment payments as the legal work is performed. In other cases, the fee is based on the amount of legal work needed and the difficulty of the services you require. All fee arrangements are agreed upon in advance and in writing. The agreement is signed by the client and attorney prior to the commencement of legal work.

You are encouraged to discuss legal fees with your lawyer at any time and particularly at your first office conference.

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How Will I be Billed?

Each lawyer maintains an accurate record as to the amount of legal services that s/he provides in connection with your case. A statement is mailed to the client each month, which includes costs and out-of-pocket expenses that need to be reimbursed to this office. These costs include computer intake and file maintenance costs, translating services, document photocopies, USCIS filing fees, long distance, collect and overseas telephone calls, and express postal charges.

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Will I be Kept Informed About my Legal Matter?

It is the policy of O'Neil & Hauser P.C. to keep clients informed at all times of the progress of their legal case. Copies of all correspondence that we produce, send or receive on your behalf are sent to each client. Although there is some expense for photocopies and mailing, clients stay informed. In addition, should a lawyer not be available when you call the office, the legal staff is trained to assist you and to keep you informed regarding your legal matter.

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Will my Legal Matter be Kept Confidential?

By law, a lawyer cannot be forced in most situations to disclose information given to her by a client without the client consent to do so. Our staff knows the importance of keeping our clients' legal matters entirely confidential. Any information given to us will be held in strict confidence. Confidential papers will be returned to you at the conclusion of your legal matter, if you so desire.

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Will a Trial be Necessary?

In the case of a divorce, a hearing is always required. In matters concerning immigration law, it is necessary to register with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to apply for benefits and personal interviews are almost always required. An attorney from our office will accompany and represent you at all meetings and hearings with the Immigration Service, including appointments at U.S. consulates abroad.

Many immigration cases are resolved in the immigration court. Your case may require a hearing before an immigration judge. Our lawyers have many years of experience representing individuals before the immigration courts. A lawyer will accompany you to all hearings with the judge. These trials require advance preparation and research, and your lawyer will work with you to assure your case and all witnesses are properly prepared for trial.

In the majority of all other cases, a settlement is made before a trial is necessary. However, all of our lawyers are trained and prepared to litigate when a settlement cannot be reached. The lawyer is obligated to see that his client receives the best possible legal care. No settlement of any case is ever made without the consent of the client. Should a trial be required, the attorney will thoroughly explain what you should expect and will prepare you for the proceedings.

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What Type of Technical Support is Available?

We have advanced technological capabilities that allow us to give you the highest-quality service in the most efficient manner.

Our document management system allows us to maintain a current and accurate record of your case file. This electronic system also enables us to quickly and easily retrieve relevant data, giving us easy access to information that may be valuable to your case.

In addition, our office subscribes to the latest immigration software programs, including LawLogix, Westlaw, Immigrant Pro, AILALink, which allows staff members to have at their fingertips the most updated statutes, regulations, case law and manuals.

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Do You Have Interpreting and Translating Services?

We have several staff attorneys who speak foreign languages. In addition, the office has individuals available to translate in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. We also have access to translators in the dialects of the Chinese language, Greek, French, Italian and the languages of the Middle East.

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Client Reviews
Lesley did a wonderful job for us. Her attention to detail and thoroughness paved the way for a successful outcome of our case. We are very pleased with her staff as well and I would definitely recommend her. Ryan Currin
Estoy bien contento con mi abogada. Porque tienen experiencia, responsabilidad y profecionalismo. Y les doy gracias por haverme alludado en mis asuntos legales, se los recomiendo que ellos te alludaran sin ningun problema. Sin dudarlo ve y compruebalo tu mismo. Ya se los e recomendado a mis amigos. Gracias a la abogada Lesley y a todo su personal por haver hecho mis sueños realidad. Luis
I've been with lesly houser since 2001, she managed my immagration status for me and my family and also some friends i recomended to go to her. I definitely recommend her for any immagration case. Daniel